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Themes and Schemes provide accessories for your home.

In 2015 we moved home; The new house required decorating from top to bottom and we were both in full time work. The decorating was obviously time consuming but we found finding the right finishing touches to each room to be even more time consuming. We had specific themes and colour schemes for each room in mind but finding the exact products proved to be difficult. We ordered online, however when items arrived, they were often the wrong shade or size we needed.

Having always had a passion for interior decor and a qualification in Interior Design, my enthusiasm to create an easier way to find co-ordinating and affordable products grew; Themes and Schemes was born in 2018.

So here we are, Themes and Schemes research quality and co-ordinating products that will enhance your living space. The option to purchase a single product or a co-ordinating package for any room in your home is yours.

Please feel free to contact us for specific requirements and we will be happy to see if we can help.



  • Stroud, England, United Kingdom